Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo update on Aquaponics

The plant are not growing well, and most of them die off. I m not sure what happen and why? There water and light its there, might be not enough nutrition from the water.

Let see how it go about, else I got to redo the planting.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nerite snails (some freshwater, and some blackish)

Nerite snail.. most of it are very colorful and in variety shape. And a very popular to planted tank, but to the small size, color and not able to breed in freshwater.

Most nerite snail are blackish. Mean, they were able to able to stay in both freshwater and blackish water, but they only breed in blackish water. Blackish water, its the conditions of the water, which are between saltwater and freshwater. Nerite will lay their egg in freshwater, then need blackish water for the egg to hatch, and when through a stage in order for it to grow big enough to transfer back to freshwater.

Here are some of it.

Earth Hour

What have you done for mother earth? One hour without light? Its that all you can do? And only because everyone do it, and you think its cool?

Earth Hour, its just a campaign to educate the people bout the important of our mother earth. What we have done, the damage are beyond repair. What will we leave for our next generation and children?

A little change and habit, do help a lot. Start by recycling; separate the rubbish into paper, tin and glass. Go for organic food, and yes its might be expensive, but goof for both you and earth. And tons more to go. My method.. aquaponics. :-)

"Take a look at your self in the mirror and make the change" by Micheal Jackson.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Apple Snail

Although you can easily found this snail around Asia, but their origin are not from Asia. This snail have been bring over to Asia to be breed to sell as food, escargot, but it turn into bad as it become easily breed and spreed over in major river and farm. Destroying most aquatic plant and also farming plant. One of the major effect are padi (rice) field.

Its now illegal to breed in Asia, and local are fighting to keep this snail way from their farm and river.

Apple snail come in with lots of variety and color. From gray to colorful blue and stripe. And they are the only type of snail which either male or female. Mean, you got to have a male and a female in order to breed it. And they lay their egg above water level.

Size, the biggest I ever have, its as big as a tennis ball!

Trapdoor snail

This snail also widely available in Malaysia river and pond. The size can go as big as a ping pong ball. Easily to keep and breed. This snail, although did not eat plant, but due to the dull color, its not so tempting to keep inside a planted tank.

Red Ramshorn snail

If you go around lurking in local river or pond, you would found something similar to this, but just in gray or dark color. Its normal ramshorn snail. Red Ramshorn are believe to be from oversea. Easily to keep and breed in tank. The red color are so nice with keeping in planted tank. The size will not go more then 1 inch.

Freshwater Snail - Assassin Snail

It will be surprisingly that there its people collecting and keeping freshwater snail as a pet. In Malaysia, this hobbies its still kind of rare, but in oversea, its normal.

There its few type of freshwater snail, but basically that one available in Malaysia, its limited.

Few of the popular type are Sulawesi snail, apple snail and nerite snail. 

This is Assassin Snail. Generally available in most riverbank in Malaysia. The shape and color its almost same as Trumpet Snail aka Malayan Trumpet Snail, except its have yellow stripe. The name, given, because its believe that this snail eat other snail!